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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Karma Wedding Collection 2010"

Karismatic Karma designs

scintillate the hearts and mind

with the detailed luxurious work

inspired from the rich traditional fashion.

The mesmerizing

"Karma Wedding Collection 2010"

is embellished and adorned using

the emblematic traditional embroidery work, 

motifs, dabka work and sitara work.

Characteristic colors including

bottle green, maroon, blue and black

Add grace to the entire wedding collection

setting forth a true paradigm that represents 

Asian bridal dresses.

Graceful Pakistani Fashion model

"Iman Ali"

adds further poise to these

magnificent outfits.

It’s all about creating an ideal piece

that embodies all the

sentiments of a bride

who wants her wedding

to be perfect, 

particularly the wedding dress

being at highest priority list.

Karma designs, keeping this notion in mind, 

reflecting the needs of

the Brides to  be,,,,                                                                                        

characterizes the personality
of  a "true bride".

Attired in an outfit

that presents

her worthy traditional values,

she walks gracefully,

leaving behind

memories for her…        

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